A Naming Ceremony is a beautiful way to welcome your new arrival into the family, and recognise the significance of the birth of your baby.  It is also popular to hold a ceremony including the naming for baby's first birthday.


Extended family members and special friends are always delighted to be included in this wonderful celebration of a new life.


God Parents or Guardians are recognised and presented with Certificates to mark the occasion.


Other significant family members or friends may be involved in the Ceremony if desired.


The fee for a naming ceremony is $250 within the greater Townsville area, and includes:-


◊ Initial meeting with the family

◊ Preparation of a unique ceremony for your approval

◊ Decorative Naming Certificate and decorative copy of the ceremony

◊ Certificates for God Parents or Guardians

◊  Certificates for Grandparents  

◊  Commemorative naming day candle


Please contact me to find out more about what can be included in your unique Naming Ceremony